Use Clays as Rifle and Pistol Targets

The hanger is easy to use.

Anywhere you have a bullet hole in a target backer (or a rope or branch to hang on), you can use the hanger!

First, slip the edge of the clay between the legs. No force is needed.

Now pivot the hanger down. No force is needed.

Gravity will hold the clay in place.

Now find a bullethole in a target backer. The backer can be anything from cardboard to plywood.

Put the "tail" into the hole. Don't let the clay pigeon fall by accident!

Here is another look at what's happening.

Now just tilt it gently down. (It's like putting a hook in a piece of pegboard)

Gravity will do the rest! The clay is held securely!

No suitable holes around to use?

Or are the holes big and ragged?

No problem!

You can also use the other side of the hanger to hang the clay pigeon on something instead!

Just use the hanger "upside down" and it becomes a clay pigeon hanger!

Gravity will hold things in place. Hook on a branch, a rope, inside a ragged shotgun hole, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the hangers re-usable?

A: Yes, but nothing lasts forever. They are re-usable, but like everything else that lives downrange, sooner or later a hanger will catch a bullet (or a bullet fragment). When that happens, it will be broken and need to be replaced. Until that happens, they can be re-used all you like.

The design is such that the hangers are very small, thin, and hang "out of the way" of the clay as much as possible to minimize the chance of catching a bullet and maximize re-usability, but sadly - like anything that lives downrange - it won't last forever. Each unit should be considered semi-disposable. Happily, the hangers are biodegradable.

It was important to us to design a clay pigeon hanger that was small, and inexpensive. It doesn't take up a lot of room in your range bag, it can easily be carried everywhere, is a snap to set up, and is re-usable but also disposable. You will be shooting at it, after all!

Q: Where Can I Buy Some?

A: They are available direct from our online store and are available to fine stores in the USA and Canada. If your favorite store doesn't carry them, ask them to bring them in! If you are a retailer, please email You can also get them from Amazon (check the BUY page for the link.).

Q: What brands and types of sporting clays will work with the hangers?

A: Any brand or type of clay pigeon will work, even mini or "dove" clays! There is only one exception - "rabbit" style clays will not work. Rabbits are rimless disk-shaped clays made for being thrown along the ground. All other dome-style sporting clays will work.

Q: Any Tips for using the hangers?

Some suggestions to get you started:

  • You and a friend each hang a clay. Compete to see who can completely break their clay first with an airgun or a .22
  • Hang a few clays on your target backer along with your normal targets for variety.
  • Use clays with new shooters - beginners REALLY benefit from the feedback of reactive targets that "do something" when they hit.
  • Use clays with your favorite zombie targets to represent the heads! Headshots become positive and unmistakeable!

Clay pigeons are cheap and plentiful and great fun to shoot. You can often get several hits out of a single clay - chipping away at it for multiple rounds - especially if you are plinking with a .22 or an airgun. Works great for pistol and rifle, too!

New and experienced shooters benefit from reactive target like clays, but clay pigeons won't normally stay put on their own. Anyone who has tried usually winds up settling for just laying them leaning against a berm. With our hangers, you can hang clays just about anywhere!

If you are shooting at a range, you should have no trouble finding holes (for example in plywood or cardboard target backers) to hang clays with our hanger. If there are no target backers, you can use tree branches, string, ledges of stands, or almost any kind of junk to hook the hanger on or through.

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